Alternative School

Jake Kyzar( - Principal
Cheree Bullock - Teacher
Willie Magee - Teacher
Ron Strebek - Teacher
Kimberly Ainsworth - Computer Lab Technician

The Covington County Education Center's Alternative School is located at 1104 Elm Street in Collins, MS. This facility can accommodate up to 30 students at any given time. In order to be enrolled, a student must be registered at one of the six Covington County Schools.

A seven period day is followed and all required courses are taught either by a certified teacher or through the use of web based instruction from OdysseyWare. Teachers at the alternative school maintain a close working relationship with each of the county schools, and instruction for each child is guided by his/her Individualized Instruction Plan.

Students enrolled in the Alternative School Program regularly receive both individualized and group counseling sessions with a licensed counselor. These sessions target behaviors which have resulted in student placement in the alternative program. Some issues covered include: anger management, peer pressure, drug and alcohol awareness, tobacco usage, and decision making.

The Covington County Schools Education Center also operates a GED program for those students who meet the following criteria:

- between the ages of 16 and 18

- are 2 years behind their graduating class

- score a minimum of 8.0 on the TABE test

- have not been placed at the school due to behavioral issues

The GED program accommodates 10 students at one time. There is no charge for this program, however students are required to purchase a set of GED Workbooks.

Each of these programs follow guidelines and rules set forth by the Mississippi Department of Education.