School Safety

School Safety

The safety and security of the students, staff and visitors of the Covington County School District is of upmost importance.  We are dedicated to ensuring that the schools of this district are safe places to learn and work.  A safe and secure environment is a prerequisite for effective learning.  Threats to the safety and security of people and property can arise from natural hazards or from human actions.  These threats can be reduced or eliminated entirely when safety standards address specific needs, such as facilities, policies and procedures, staff certification, safety planning, and crisis response training and education.  We will continue to provide a resource to students, staff and the community to bridge the ever growing gap between law enforcement officers and youth.  We endeavor to increase positive attitudes towards law enforcement and community.


Covington County Schools Resource Officers


Brian Strange, Chief Resource Officer

Dextris Barnett, Resource Officer, Collins Schools

Michael Kelly, Resource Officer, Seminary Schools

James Kitchens, Resource Officer, Mt. Olive Schools




“Pride, Progress and Community”

Covington County Schools
Department of School Safety
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