Covington County Education Center

Last Updated: 1/23/2023 7:29 PM

Education center sign

Principal’s Message: 

The faculty and staff at Covington County Alternative School are dedicated to enriching the lives of the students that enter our doors.  We serve students K-12 from throughout the district.  The students work daily with certified teachers as well as utilizing a computer based program, OdysseyWare, to complete educational requirements.  Faculty and staff work closely with Covington County Behavior Specialists and other Mental Health Agencies to ensure students receive necessary counselling while attending CCAS.  Changing the attitudes and behavior of these students are our primary goal, one we take extremely seriously.  Our motto is “the future belongs to those who are prepared for today.”

Jefferson Hughes,



School Staff:

Kim Ainsworth               Teacher

Tera Cascio                   Teacher

Lana McQueen             Teacher

Deborah Durr                 ISS

Elvia Jones                    Secretary

Jefferson Hughes          Director/Coordinator of the Alternative School




Coach Hughes raising our first Flags for the Covington County Education Center.


Raising of the Flags