Marching Band  



The marching band is a performance ensemble that performs at all pep rallies, football games, Saturday competitions and parades throughout the fall semester.


It is Required for Marching Band Students!

1. It is HOT! You should already be hydrating quite a bit. Drink plenty of water EVERY DAY. Go outside to get used to the heat after playing video games for the last 6 months!
2. You will have a temperature check when you arrive, and wash hands regularly throughout the day.

3. It is WORK! You'll be hot, sweaty, tired, and hungry, all at the same time.
4. Wear TENNIS SHOES, not sandals or fl ops. Wear HATS and breathable clothing, but nothing indecent.
5. EAT! I can't tell you how many kids I see get heat exhaustion from not eating or not hydrating enough.
6. Bring chapstick, do not share it. Your lips will get sore. Bring SUNSCREEN, cooling towels, and anything else you may need to stay cool while outside.
7. Be SAFE! Have fun with friends, but remain distant. We know everyone is excited to get back to band, but we MUST be very careful and follow all guidelines.
8. If you have hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, or anything similar, please bring it. You will be responsible for wiping down your seat/stands/personal space daily.
9. ROOKIES (8th graders), don't be scared. Don't be nervous. The band will welcome you. I promise you will love it, and will miss marching band when the season ends!

Looking forward to seeing you all next week!




  • Upcoming Events

    1. Band Camp will begin July 21 for rookies, percussion and color guard. Refer to calendar.

    2. Full Band Camp will begin on July 23 for everyone! Please refer to calendar.

    3. Band dues should be paid at this time. Students should be prepared to play scales, rudiments, and audition music.

    4. New members and students that need marching shoes please bring an additional $38 in CASH. A representative will be present during camp where you can try on shoes and place your order.

    5. Please review the files that have been uploaded and be ready to turn in the band handbook agreement at the start of camp.

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