6th Grade Band  


How to Join the Beginning Grade 6 Band:

Informational letters will be sent home with students at the start of the school year. All students who are interested in joining band will report to the band hall during the scheduled class of the school day once they return a signed letter from a parent. During this time students will be given information on the available instruments and will have a series of tryouts that require no previous musical background.

Depending on the number of students interested the tryout timeline will vary. Once auditions are complete students will receive an invitation to join band.

At this point students will be assigned an instrument to play. The class must have the correct balance of instruments in order to perform music. We can't allow 10 students to play drums while 10 play saxophone and then leave out other instruments that are required entirely. It's similar to positions on a sports team, for example, in football not everyone can be the quarterback and play that role at the same time.

Band Instrument Night: *Bring a form of payment & be prepared*

Thursday, September 3, @ 6:00pm in the Seminary Band Hall.

Mississippi Music will bring instruments for rental & purchase where payment plans and options can be set up. I also believe they have added an online system where you would only need to show up to retrieve your purchase.

The instrument & music book do cost money & they are required materials for class.

The books cost $10-12 depending on the instrument.

Down payments, plans, and overall cost of an instrument will vary greatly.

Please be aware that quality instruments can be expensive but they are required for your child to be successful in class. If you choose not to get an instrument from Mississippi Music please consult with the director first to ensure the quality of your purchase. Students & and families should enter band with the long term benefits and goals in mind. For example, all of the cost for that instrument now will easily be returned through a scholarship to community college or a university in the future.

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